Inspired by Global Traditions

A Hudson Valley take on old world foods.


The Perfect Pairing

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Farm Women on Back of Truck

Know Your Farmers

Women from Blue Star Farms grow the peppers and tomatoes for our creations.

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Deluxe Gift Box
Send the gift of delicious-ness directly with one of our many gift-box options.
Find the flavors we offer in the 2oz mini version here!
Chili Pepper Creations
Custom-grown peppers by Blue Star Farms are transformed into hot sauces, salsas and pepper jellies!
Citrus Delights
For those with discerning taste, our marmalades and curds are crafted according to old world traditions.
Meal Transformation
Our custom sauces and chutneys are a simple way to create delicious meals on a school night or at a dinner party.
Jams and Preserves
There is a jam for any occasion here - pick one for you and one for a loved one!

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