Artisanal Private Label Products

✔ Offer artisanal products, under your brand
✔ Differentiate yourself from other retailers
✔ Build your own brand and gain an asset
✔ Connect to your consumers and build loyalty

Easy Ordering And Customization

✔ Pick a product you want to customize
✔ Pick a template for your product label
✔ Upload your business logo and graphics
✔ Add your story or a message to your label

Low Minimum Order - Speed To Market

✔ No set-up or labor cost
✔ Premium quality labels
✔ No 1000's of unwanted labels in your office
✔ Only 3 case minimum per SKU

Private Label


If you can’t find the information you’re looking for online or need answers to questions on private label, wholesale, co-packaging or custom recipe production, give Beth’s Farm Kitchen a call at (518) 799-3414