Jam Sessions - "Merry Winter" Cherry Preserve


Indulge in the delightful taste of Jam Sessions "Merry Winter" Cherry Preserve, a heartfelt collaboration between Beth's Farm Kitchen and Funhouse Farm, orchestrated by David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris.

David and Neil’s recipe is a delicious blend of New York Sour Cherries, grown in the renowned Finger Lakes Area, and ground mulling spices, toasted to perfection. Every jar is a dedication to the culinary craftsmanship of New York's Hudson Valley, where each batch is handcrafted with love and care.

"Tuck the flavor of summer into that colorful stocking with a jar of "Merry Winter" Cherry Preserves.", writes, in The NY Times, celebrated food critic and food writer - Florence Fabricant.

Jammin' For A Cause

But it's more than just a jam. Each purchase serves as a contribution to City Harvest, New York’s premier food rescue organization. For 40 years, City Harvest has been a beacon of hope for New Yorkers experiencing food insecurity, redirecting fresh, nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste to those who need it most. During this season of giving, your purchase helps support their mission, contributing to the rescue and distribution of over 77 million pounds of nutritious food, while also combating climate change by preventing millions of kilograms of CO2 from polluting our atmosphere.

Jam Sessions "Merry Winter" Cherry is not just a gastronomic delight, it's a jar for change - your purchase will impact 13 New Yorkers. For every purchase of the "Merry Winter" Cherry Preserve, from November 1st 2023 until January 15th 2024, BFK will donate $6.00 to City Harvest. This simple act allows you to join the fight against food insecurity, one jar, one meal, one New Yorker at a time. Spread the love.  For more information about City Harvest's mission, please visit CityHarvest.org.