The Farmers

At BFK, we live and work to not only make great products, but to source the ingredients from the amazing farmers that surround us here in the Hudson Valley.  Here are a few of the farm partners that we work with throughout the year. 

Ironwood Farm 

Launched by Jenny, Aliyah and Lauren in 2014, this woman-owned and operated farm produces vegetables of outstanding quality on a 7-acre vegetable operation in Ghent, NY. Their greens and herbs are the basis of many of our pestos and salsas.

 Blue Star Farm 

Sue Decker in Kinderhook and her crew from Blue Star Farms grows all the peppers for our pepper jellies and hot sauces.  These beauties are almost too pretty to chop... but we do... oh we do... 

Samascott's Farm and Orchards

Samascott Farm and Orchards is a cornerstone of the Kinderhook, NY community, and has been a longtime partner with BFK. Growing on over 1,000 acres, this multi-generational family grows everything from squash to berries, but their main crop is apples. We source all our apples and pumpkins from Samascott, as well as other crops such as rhubarb.

Yonder Farm

Yonder Farms is our go-to source for raspberries and stone fruit.  An upstate local for decades, Yonder Farm grows on acreage throughout the region, and runs a farm and garden store in Chatham, NY

Other farms include: 

- Red Jacket Orchards - Grapes, Apricots, Damson Plums & Strawberries

- Philips Farms  - Strawberries

- Red Head Farms - Blackberries & Strawberries

- Love Apple Farms - Plums