Raspberry Jam


Embrace the essence of summer with our artisanal handmade Raspberry Jam.

This delightful preserve is crafted from the finest sun-ripened raspberries, capturing the tangy freshness of the fruit in a luscious, ruby-red jam. Every jar is the result of heartfelt dedication and love for quality.

Our Raspberry Jam can elevate your morning toast or scone, add a fruity twist to a yogurt parfait, or serve as the perfect filling for your favorite cookies and pastries. It's a luxurious touch that enhances your culinary endeavors.

Our jam is made with non GMO cane sugar. Yet, we assure you that it's significantly less than what you’d find in an average supermarket jam—only 7 grams per serving.

You can still relive your cherished childhood memories, those breakfasts with Smucker's or Bonmaman, but without the corn syrup and excessive calories. Enjoy the whole fruit sweetness, and let our Raspberry Jam transport you beyond the summer season.