Cherry Apricot Jam


Taste the finest stone fruit that New York has to offer with our Cherry Apricot Jam.

Straight from the thriving orchards of Upstate NY, our sour cherries and apricots are renowned for their exceptional flavor. This delicate delight is a favorite among bakers for its exquisite taste that elevates any pastry filling recipe or can be enjoyed simply spread on a freshly baked croissant. Crafted with love and without any artificial additives such as corn syrup, our jam contains just 8 grams of sugar per serving. Treat yourself to the silky luxury and gourmet touch it brings to your breakfast, charcuterie, and cheese boards. Bid farewell to apricots from California and cherries from Michigan, and relish in the earthy mineral notes and vibrant fruit flavors of New York's stone fruit. With a higher proportion of whole fruit and less sugar, we deliver the most genuine taste of the harvest.