Apricot Jam


Our Apricot Jam is a quintessential treat from the Finger Lakes area of NY.

Made with just the right amount of sweetness at 5 grams of sugar per serving. Our Delicate preserve features locally-sourced apricots, known for being some of the best stone fruit around. Bakers love it because its flavor shines through in their apricot filling recipes. Whether you like Bonne Maman, Smucker's or Solo Apricot Pastry filling for your culinary projects, you can rest assured that our apricot preserve contains less sugar and no additives like corn syrup. Our apricot jam adds a taste of silky luxury and gourmand touch to your favorite recipes, charcuterie and pungent cheese boards. Sunny California apricots don’t stand a chance next to the earthy mineral quality and bright fruit flavor of NY Stone fruit in our jam.