Blazing Tomato Chutney


British-style, chunky Tomato Chutney with a hint of spice to hit your spot.

This is true burger magic!

- Vegan, Gluten-Free
- No artificial colors or flavors
- Contains Nuts
- Low Sugar
  • Natural Ingredients: tomatoes, apples, cider vinegar, cane sugar, peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, peppers, mustard seeds, almonds, red pepper flakes, allspice
  • Food Pairing: on a burger, serve it with salmon, kielbasa, tofu, pasta, and eggs
  • Spice Level: Mild
  • Cheese Pairing: Brie, Jarlsberg, Roquefort, or Stilton cheese
  • Shelf Life: unopened 24 months, opened and refrigerated 3 months
  • NET WT 8.6 oz (243 g)

* Handcrafted in Hudson Valley, NY * Small Batch * Since 1981