Cranberry Lime Chutney

$12.00 $11.00

Very Special Condiment with Bright Flavor of Tart Local Cranberries and Limes!

Add a teaspoon to your favorite fruit or chicken salad for some tart notes and gourmet dreams. 

- Vegan, Gluten-Free
- No artificial colors or flavors
- Low Sugar
  • Natural Ingredients: cranberries, brown cane sugar, oranges, limes, cider vinegar, nutmeg, ginger, mustard, allspice
  • Food Pairing: chicken, turkey, lamb, pork sausage, salmon or fish tacos
  • Cheese Pairing: Goat, Camembert, Triple Creme or Brie cheese
  • Shelf Life: unopened 24 months, opened and refrigerated 3 months

* Handcrafted in Hudson Valley, NY * Small Batch * Since 1981